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Vanlife Security – Considerations

One area that I haven’t seen well covered in the van conversion world is van security.

This kind of surprises me given the often significant amount of camera gear, drones, gadgets, laptops and more that most van conversion influencers lug about.

Maybe however they don’t talk about the security because well…. it wouldn’t be very secure to talk about it.¬†

In my headplan, I plan on having hidden compartments all over the van, snuck away into any recess that I can find.  Not a lot to stash but likely will need secure van storage for the following:-

  • Documents¬†
  • Tech stuff – ipad, laptop, phones, speakers – that kind of schizzle
  • Back up – yes, I have strayed into bugout videos on YouTube
  • Back up of back up – “two is one and one is none”
  • Hidden stuff – well just stuff that you don’t want people to see

And there goes the overthinking trigger in my head.

To some, more specifically any figure of authority and most precisely border officials, police and the military – I clearly have the face of a criminal.

Having lots of hidden compartments in a van would not be that great at border crossings and I can’t immediately think of anything I might want to stash.

I think I still want them but being awkwardly English, will probably empty and disclose to any authority that ever crosses my path.