Why Have Underslung Water Tanks

In my headplan, I am heading towards having all my water tanks underslung. Well…that’s the plan as it stands now but any persistent visitor to vandeavour or indeed as anyone doing their own van conversions knows well, plans change. Regularly.

Why then am I considering having underslung water tanks on my Sprinter van conversion?

  • Space – space is always going to be at a premium and with an average 70 litre tank taking up significant cubic footage, it seems logical to save space internally and use some of the recesses under the chassis
  • Safer – logis says that with the bulk of the water outside the van, if there was to be a leak, it would be safer all round to have the bulk of the water outside?
  • Ease of Filling – with the correct connector and no doubt a multitude of adapters for European variances, filling and emptying tanks should be easier
  • Sneaky dumps – like filling, if the grey water tanks are outside, the scope to discretely pull over or above a drain and dump the nasties is much easier
  • Save my back – I’m no Spring chicken so will desperately avoid having to carry water tanks in and out

So far, my research into actual finished products is driven by CAK Tanks, who despite possibly one of the most complex websites, are the UK experts when it comes to installing underslung water tanks on a Sprinter van conversion.

Two big YouTube influences that are driving me towards placing my water tanks under the chassis include:-

Greg Virgoe bossing underslung water tanks

Escaping Ordinary - Casual Australian Nails it